Piccadilly Circus Pizza Introduces BBQ Grill Pizza

PCPizzaBBQGrillPizzaDONOTUSE.pagesLively debate erupts over BBQ sauce.

Piccadilly Circus Pizza, a provider of fresh-made pizza and sandwiches to theconvenience store industry, reluctantly (somewhat) introduces its new seasonal pizza—BBQ Grill Pizza—on account of lively debate.

“We’re peaceful people,” explains Marketing Vice President Dana Evaro. “But when we couldn’t agree on a BBQ sauce, things got interesting.”

The company’s concept kitchen developed the pizza by combining favorite summer BBQ elements with traditional pizza components. Though there was no debate about the excellence of the meat toppings (Beef, Steak, Canadian Bacon and Pork), determining the signature BBQ sauce was more challenging.

“Everyone has a different opinion about what BBQ really is,” said Evaro. “Some want sweet, some want smoky, some want spice. The debate got pretty loud and almost ended up in a food fight. No one got hurt, but by the time I ran into the conference room, there was Texas-style, KC-style and Minnesota-style sauce everywhere!”

Faced with extensive clean-up we made the final call; each part of the country is able use the sauce they like best—“they” referring to the customer.

“We made the right call,” explained Evaro. “When it comes to BBQ, locale rules. We need to let our operators deal with such a sensitive topic in the way they know best. But we remain king of the pizza-part.”

And, spoken like a true marketing executive, Evaro concluded, “We’ve tried all the BBQ sauces and they are ALL good. In fact, take a road trip to each of our locations and see which one you like the most.

The Piccadilly Circus Pizza BBQ Grill Pizza is available at participating locations starting July 1.




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