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Heineken 18-Bottle CoolerPack Awarded Product of the Year

CoolerPack, the newest edition to the Heineken range of packaging configurations, brings convenience and occasion-based purchase choice to beer drinkers. The 2018 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation has voted the HEINEKEN 18-Bottle CoolerPack a “Product of the Year” in the beer category, in a competition that surveys 40,000 shoppers to determine the winners in each

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Murphy’s Stout Introduces Flyaway Sweepstakes Program

Retailers can benefit from the spike in Irish beer sales and consumers’ desire to experiment with new, authentic brands. Murphy’s Stout, pride of Irish beer aficionados around the globe, announces the details of its ‘Celebrate with the Perfect Pour’ St. Patrick’s Day retail and on-premise program. Program elements invite LDA+ consumers, looking to expand their

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Beverage and Snack Sales Up

Wells Fargo weighs in on all channel dollar sales in the beverage and snack categories. Wells Fargo reported that all channel dollar sales for the total snack and non-alcoholic beverage categories were up +3.9% during the four-week period ending Jan. 27, 2018 (vs. +2.9% for 12-weeks), according to Nielsen data. Total carbonated soft drinks (ex-energy)

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Milk Stout Collaboration

Braxton Brewing Co., a local brewing company, and Graeter’s Ice Cream, a 147-year-old, family-owned craft ice cream company, will re-launch the Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Milk Stout that began their partnership. This Braxton Brewing Co. flavor brings beer drinkers an adult-friendly beverage reminiscent of Graeter’s signature Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. New changes have […]

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Sunny Sky Products Acquires DWS Inc.

Specialty dispensed beverage company acquisition to strengthen Sunny Sky’s overall product portfolio. Sunny Sky Products LLC has acquired substantially all the assets of DWS Inc., a specialty dispensed beverage company. Sunny Sky Products is a premium dispensed beverage manufacturer that sells globally to convenience stores, schools and restaurants and this acquisition will strengthen their overall

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Gourmet Beverage Syrups

Britain’s Tate+Lyle has represented high-quality sweetening in London and throughout the U.K. since 1878. Domino Foods Inc. is now offering its customers this distinguished brand of Tate+Lyle Gourmet Beverage Syrups. The varieties are sweetened with cane sugar and many varieties are Fairtrade Certified. Domino Foods understands that beverages are an important part of your menu, […]

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RTD Coffee

Coca-Cola Co. is launching a line of ready-to-drink (RTD) McCafé coffee drinks in grocery, convenience and mass merchandisers across the U.S. in early 2018. We will manufacture, distribute and sell RTD McCafé Frappé coffee drinks and we will combine our brand-building and distribution expertise together with McDonald’s to offer a new way for people to […]

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