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Anheuser-Busch Launches Elevate

New initiative looks to create a better future though commitments to beer, communities, the environment and more. Anheuser-Busch (A-B) has launched ‘Elevate,’ a new initiative with its craft partners that is about building an even better future for the beer industry. Elevate is made up of new commitments that consumers, partners and employees care about most:  Beer, Environment,

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Newcastle Brown Ale Introduces New Look, Plan for Growth

Production of Newcastle Brown Ale has officially moved from the John Smith’s Brewery in the U.K. to the Zoeterwoude Brewery in Holland. Newcastle Brown Ale is unveiling a new look and a fresh, localized plan for growth in the U.S. under management of the Five Points Trading Company, HEINEKEN’s venture aimed at incubating a range

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Packaged to Sell

Where carbonated soft drinks are slipping, RTD coffees and sparkling water are picking up the slack. By Anne Baye Ericksen, Contributing Editor According to National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) data released this summer, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), energy and sports drinks, water, juices and teas, accounted for about 15% of total in-store sales for

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Rutter’s Expands Beer Cave Business

Now 14 Rutter’s stores feature beer caves. Rutter’s is continuing to expand its beer business. The York, Pa.-based c-store chain has added another beer cave to its long stretch of openings with the approval of its Pennsylvania Avenue location. Beer Caves were worked into the remodel plans for the Rutter’s on Pennsylvania Avenue in York,

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Red Stripe Introduces New National Sweepstakes Program

Customers have the chance to win a spring break flyaway trip to Jamaica. Red Stripe, the iconic pale lager from Jamaica, is inviting LDA+ consumers to choose Red Stripe for a shot at a spring break getaway to the brand’s island home where they can enjoy the carefree spirit that Jamaica offers all year round.

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Energy Capsule

Razorwire Energy is an energy capsule that just entered the U.S. market—starting in California—from the UK. With four energy capsules per blister pack it offers huge savings on shelf and storage space compared to the equivalent 5.6 cans of 8.4-fluid-ounce energy drinks. The product is designed to fit 12 packs to a clip strip; and […]

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Organic Alkaline Tea

TISANE TEAS (pronounced tea-sahn), a Southern California-based beverage company, has launch a ready-to-drink “Alkaline Tea” line. The launch comes in the wake of the booming alkaline water movement as a first-mover in the flavored alkaline beverage space. TISANE has introduced two refreshing tea profiles, Hibiscus Berry and Vanilla Chai, both of which are extremely hydrating […]

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