Game Day Snacks

snacksScenic City Brands has teamed up with the nation’s top-selling universities to market an officially licensed NCAA steak snack.  With a consumer audience of more than 172 million, Game Day Snacks will enable collegiate sports fans to “show their spirit” while enjoying our deliciously tender, 100% All Natural steak snacks. Whether at the stadium or hosting the big game bash at home, you’re sure to score points sharing a bag of Game Day Snacks.  Game Day Snacks, the “game-changer” for your meat snack category.
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  1. Cynthia Rose says:

    My husband is always looking for a snack a little more on the meaty side when a game is on. I have never heard of this brand before though. Maybe I could get a bag with his favorite team on it as a special surprise for him? I am sure that It would make his day at the very least.
    Cynthia |

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