GasMart Expands CITGO Brand

citgonew1Adds 15 stations across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

New CITGO Marketer GasMart USA recently completed the conversion of 15 locally-owned gas stations across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana to the CITGO brand.

The Centennial image and fresh service options are now available for fuel and convenience store customers following a Grand Opening June 2-6.

“We are extremely excited about this new partnership with CITGO,” said Kevin Lott, vice president of operations at GasMart USA. “We already own or service more than 105 stations across the Midwest and are proud to expand our network with the CITGO brand. The wide range of community programs that CITGO supports through its corporate and refinery social responsibly efforts, as well as the commitment it makes to help its Marketers fuel good in their own areas really resonated with us. We had locations that needed an upgrade and CITGO has brightened up each of these newly converted stations into a clean new site that is inviting to the community and will help our business succeed.”

Special guest Miss Illinois, Brittany Smith, joined GasMART USA representations June 3, June 4 and June 5 for Grand Opening events in Illinois. Additionally, Citi Bank representatives was on site from 2 p.m.- 6 p.m. each day registering people for the CITGO Rewards Credit Card.

Since 1995, GasMart USA has brought together a group of experienced professionals to acquire, develop, construct and operate stations offering a broad range of products and services to consumers. The company is dedicated to providing clean, well-organized sites and quality community service to the customers that visit the more than 105 GasMart locations across the Midwest.

CITGO is committed to giving back to the neighborhoods it serves through its network of locally owned stations. CITGO Marketers and Retailers in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, including GasMart USA, own more than 700 CITGO locations and are proud to support their communities.



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