Bite-Sized Cake Balls

Cakeballz Inner Case - Birthday CakeUntil now, finding a consistent, boutique bakery item with an extended shelf life and a uniquely fresh taste has been rare in the world of mass retail. Cakeballz, bite-sized pieces of cake covered in icing, are refreshing the category with their unique production methods, great taste and eye-catching packaging. Available through many major distributors, including DOT foods, Cakeballz, a product of National Cake Ball Brands LLC, have rolled onto the scene and appeared in select 7-Eleven and Walgreens stores across the nation. The product is offered in three original flavors: Birthday Cake, Red Velvet and Chocolate, as well as several seasonal/holiday offerings to be released in the near future. The bite-sized treats are shipped frozen, sold at ambient/frozen temperatures and retain 60-day and one-year shelf lives, respectively. When sold at ambient temperature, the Cakeballz come three to a pack, and are sold to retailers via display cases that contain 12 three-count packages.

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Contact: Cole Egger, president, (888) 931-3999


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