Quick Chek To Offer The Perfect SNAQUE

Quick Chek Convenience StoreThe single-serve line caters to health-conscious customers.

The Perfect SNAQUE, a leader in the healthy, whole sprouted food snacking trend, announced that its new single-serve line is available for purchase at Quick Chek, which operates 130 locations in the New York and New Jersey region.

The convenience chain will specifically carry the ready-to-eat Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch, Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Crunch and the Honey Mustard Seasoned Sprouted Lentils single-serve blends from The Perfect SNAQUE in all of its stores.

The single-serve line, introduced in January, features all of The Perfect SNAQUE’s 10 blends in convenient single-serving 1-1.2-ounce packages. Those packages range from 100-135 calories per serving and retail for between $1.79 and $2.99.

“Healthy snacks are no longer just for foodies,” said Cricket Allen, founder of The Perfect SNAQUE. “Most Americans are actively looking for great tasting, healthier whole food choices while on the go and Quick Chek’s loyal customers are no different. We’re thrilled to partner with another New Jersey-based business to help spread whole food health in a delicious and convenient way.”

The Quinoa Crunch SNAQUEs are to be enjoyed alone or added to yogurt, cereal or oatmeal and the Seasoned Lentils SNAQUE are a delicious alternative to chips, nuts or pretzels or serve as a delicious topper to salads, soups and sandwiches.

The Perfect SNAQUE portfolio features 10 unique ready-to-eat blends featuring whole sprouted lentils, quinoa, nuts, dried fruits and other assorted super foods that serve as healthy and delicious whole food alternatives to sugary processed snack products. The company’s ready-to-eat Seasoned Sprouted Lentil and Crunch lines do not contain gluten, and SNAQUE products are GMO-free.

The Perfect SNAQUE Crunch flavors include Coconut Almond Quinoa, Apple Quinoa, and Cinnamon Apple Quinoa. The Seasoned Sprouted Lentil line includes Sea Salt & Vinegar, Honey Mustard, Honey Barbecue and Cinnamon Sugar. Berry and Original Skinny Trail Mixes are available as well as Dark Chocolate Covered Apple Bits.



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