Gel Polish Removal Kit

gelKit_7785Cutex, a producer of nail care products since 1911, has introduced its latest innovation, the Cutex Gel Polish Removal Kit. The new gel removal kit includes: a buffer, Cutex Cuticle Cream, Cutex Gel Remover, foil wraps and a birch wood stick. The Cutex Gel Removal Kit is a great way to remove any UV or LED applied gel manicure without damaging one’s nails by soaking in 100% acetone for removal. When using the five-step Cutex Gel Polish Removal Kit, gel manicure wearers are able to remove a UV or LED gel manicure and condition their nails at the same time. The process creates a catalyzing effect with the gel remover and the user’s body heat. The patented gel remover is infused with soy and botanical oils, which strengthen and condition nails. The Cutex Gel Polish Removal Kit retails for $9.99.

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