TMT Inc. Adopts VP Racing Fuels’ Retail Brand Program

VP-FuelsDistributor to rebrand nine “Whip In” locations in Dallas/Fort Worth market.

 TMT Inc. has joined VP Racing Fuels’ growing roster of retail brand partners.

Doing business under the “Whip In” name, TMT Inc. owns and operates 14 convenience stores and provides wholesale distribution of fuels to retail sites in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“We are extremely excited to adopt VP’s retail brand program,” said Mike Frank, president of TMT Inc. “My decision to go with the VP retail brand was easy. VP gives me the ability to separate my business from the competition and be unique in many ways.”

“First, VP offers a professional yet edgy image for my stations in a market where everyone is the same and no one stands out. I believe being different is important, as you can plainly see at the Whip In where our ‘Dick’s Succulent Chicken’ restaurant is located,” Frank added.

“Secondly, because VP is well known by racers and performance enthusiasts nationwide, my stores become a magnet for fresh new business,” Frank added. “New business means increased gallons and profits. Lastly, the VP branded program focuses on reducing my expenses associated with fuel purchasing and credit card processing. Creating higher margins in these two areas are critical elements to the success of TMT Inc. The VP retail brand puts my business in the best position to compete at the highest level!”

“VP is thrilled to welcome TMT Inc. to the growing VP Racing Fuels retail brand family,” said Bryan Noonen, regional brand manager at VP Racing Fuels. “This newly forged relationship is the first step in VP’s growth plan in the D/FW area. The partnership anchors a total of nine VP-branded locations and gives VP instant credibility in the highly competitive D/FW fuel market.”

Dick’s Succulent Chicken restaurant is owned and operated by Mike Frank’s sons, Zack and Josh Frank. Co-located with a Whip In store in Dallas, the Franks plan to expand the QSR concept to other Whip In locations with franchise opportunities available in the future.

“Mike Frank grew up as the son of a FINA executive and ran his first convenience stores while attending college at the University of Texas,” Noonen continued. “His industry experience has made him a savvy, highly respected pioneer known for his innovation and forward-thinking approach to the fuel industry. From our first meeting, Mike quickly understood the unique value proposition of the VP retail brand and how it would allow his business to achieve greater success by attracting new customers and increasing his margins on both fuel and credit cards. TMT’s commitment to our retail brand program is a testament to VP’s future growth and success.”




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