Kretek Goes All In With Three-Brand E-Vapor Launch

Kretek Brands Go All-In for E-Vapor Category-032414-JGCig2o, Voodoo and EZ Cig e-vapor products give retailers a trusted single source for growth.

Kretek International announced it is launching the most complete lineup of e-liquids, personal vaporizers, e-pens, mods and e-vapor accessories in the e-vapor category.

“We’ve been an innovation leader in the e-cigarette business for five years,” noted Kretek CEO Mark Cassar. “We’ve committed all three of our electronic cigarette brands to custom flavors and new e-vapor technology as consumers move toward unique ideas and products.”

Kretek’s long time position as a trusted resource and sales partner means that c-store retailers have a reliable source for quality and reliability as the e-vapor category moves into uncharted areas.  The three-brand strategy means variety and choice for retailers to jump-start their programs with premium, value, and diversity for different consumers.  Kretek can build a complete and profitable e-vapor program for any retail chain.

More information is available by calling (800) 358-8100 or e-mailing



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