Duchess Shoppe Sponsors Ohio State Men’s Basketball Game

DUCHESSOne lucky contestant wins free gas for a year.

Englefield Oil Co.’s Duchess Shoppe has been a sponsor of the Ohio State Men’s Basketball team for the past few years.

Fans who attend the games can see the Duchess name flying high on the LED signs, get a Duchess t-shirt or coupon and enjoy the Duchess of the Game kiss cam.  But once a season, the Duchess Shoppes is the company sponsor for an entire game.

This year, Duchess was the proud sponsor of the Ohio State University Men’s Basketball game vs. Penn State on Wednesday Jan. 29, 2014. 

For a few weeks prior to the game, Duchess Shoppes ran a contest whereby three contestants would win the chance to compete for FREE GAS FOR A YEAR. Duchess customers could either text to win or visit the Duchess Website to sign up.  Thousands of customers entered to win and three lucky contestants were chosen.  Michelle Broeske of Bellville, Ohio, Anne Marie Humphries of Pataskala, Ohio and Robert Jimison of Columbus, Ohio. 

Englefield Oil Co. hosted the contestants and a guest of their choice in a suite at the basketball game. During halftime, the contestants competed in a “Minute to Win It” competition on court.  They were asked to do the “Dizzy Mummy” game; whereby each of them had a person in front of them holding a roll of toilet paper.  Each contestant had to hold a piece of the toilet paper and turn in circles until the entire roll of toilet paper was undone around their body.  At that point, they had to break free from the toilet paper, run to half court, pick up a basketball and dribble down to the basket and make a shot. 

Robert Jimison took an early lead, but Anne Marie quickly followed and was victorious.  The grand prize of FREE GAS FOR A YEAR was awarded to Anne Marie Humphries of Pataskala, Ohio after she made the winning shot.  Jimison took second place and Broeske took third place. 

“This is the third year we’ve done this promotion with Ohio State and given away free gas for a year.  It is a popular contest with our customers and we love to get to know the contestants when they come out for the game,” said Ben Englefield.  “All of the contestants did a great job; we’re really excited for Anne Marie winning the free gas for a year, but we hope to see all of them in the Duchess Shoppe soon!”





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