Double Your Cleaning Power

MacNeil Quad PakMacNeil Wash Systems introduces the new Quad Pack RS701/RS400 Combo Wrap, a unique configuration that places MacNeil’s RS-400 Low Side Washer beneath the powerful Long-Arm RS-701 Superflex Wrap-Around brush. Easily installed into new or existing sites, this Quad Pack doubles the cleaning power into a smaller, more compact area saving operators valuable tunnel space. It is available with the 22-inch, 30-inch or 45-inch RS-401 brush models to suit every tunnel. “The Quad Pack has been a great addition to clean the corner panels of the car, and underneath the mirrors. It is really one of the best features that we added to it [the car wash], besides adding the Wheel Boss,” said owner and operator Glen Sheeley of Sheeley’s Car Wash in Walden, N.Y. “To achieve the maximum benefit, we moved the flex wraps back a little bit, mounted them underneath and life has been good ever since.” For More Information From MacNeil Wash Systems

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