New Conveyor Oven

conveyorovenMiddleby Marshall has introduced the new PS360G conveyor oven with WOW! 2 technology. The new oven is designed for operators who want to replace their existing PS360/350 ovens with the same size bake chamber and updated cooking technologies. Upgrading from the PS360/350 oven to the new PS360G allows operators to cook 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens while saving 30% on energy costs. The oven features an energy management system that automatically reduces gas consumption. Electronic controls can be programmed in one energy saving mode. The automatic “energy eye” lowers the power on the oven when pies are not consistently on the conveyor.  The new PS360 conveyor oven utilizes advanced variable air flow impingement technology. The new oven fits in the same front/back footprint as the PS360S or PS350, stackable up to three ovens for maximum capacity.

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