Team Oil Participates In Bike Giveaway

teamoilKids of all ages have the chance to win a new bike.

Team Oil Travel Center has announced that its Spring Valley, Wis. Dam Days Bike give away was a big success.

With the no admission, no charge and no fee event, kids of all ages had the opportunity to participate. 

“Team Oil has participated in giving bikes away for seven years,” noted Tony Huppert owner of Team Oil Travel Center told CSD.  “Don Nellessen, a local farmer and I decided, both of us coming from large families—me having 12 siblings and Don having 15 siblings—that we should do something that doesn’t cost the participants a cent.  All you have to do is show up Friday night of Spring Valley, Wis. Dam Days,” he said.

The giveaway lasted one hour, starting at 5p.m. and ending at 6 p.m.

“Every half mile you walk, run, skip or hop, you get another chance to win,” he said. “Every year we buy five bikes, the kids put their names on slips of paper and place them in the can hanging on the bike they would like to win.  We draw, and give the bikes to the lucky winners.  Kids are happy, parents are happy, it’s quality time spent for the family, and best of all Don and I don’t have to ride the bikes for a fundraiser.  We would just rather buy the bikes and give them away and let kids of all ages and incomes have equal treatment,” he said.

The sponsors, Nellessen Grain Farms, Red Sky, Gateway Publishing, Team Oil Travel Center and Subway are already planning and looking forward to doing the giveaway again in 2014.

Congratulations to Kasey Roatch, Aivary Stein, Nil Brown, Rhyan Nelson and Connie Kannel the 2013 bike winners pictured left to right.  Tony Huppert of Team Oil Travel Center,  Don Nellessen of Nellessen Grain Farms and Kirsten Schilling of Red Sky over look the successful winners.

“There are so many contests out there that are just so hard to understand,” Huppert said. “A friend of mine that just past away always said,  ‘K i s s:  Keep it simple stupid.’”




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