Fuel Connections Service

ACUMERAAcumera a provider of trusted connection services for retail organizations has introduced its Fuel Connections Service, a remote connections and monitoring service to improve fuel inventory and compliance management for fuel marketers and wholesale distributors. Acumera’s Fuel Connections Service is now being offered as a freestanding solution for fuel marketers to remotely monitor and receive alerts about fuel inventory at company-owned and at customer sites via the AcuVigil Dashboard.  Marketers can also securely pull fuel inventory and alert data into proprietary in-house and third-party fuel management systems.   The Fuel Connections Service is also being offered to Acumera’s current convenience store customers who are using Acumera’s PCI-compliant C-Store Connections package and want to connect their fuel monitoring system to the AcuVigil Dashboard. As a part of this service, marketers and retailers can receive text and email alerts to enhance store operations and monitor issues, such as outages, water in the fuel or low fuel inventory levels.

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