Rutter’s Honored with Army Reserve Employer Support Award

Tom Rayburn  (center), Joel Workinger (left), and Todd Rutter.

Tom Rayburn (center), Joel Workinger (left), and Todd Rutter.

Flexible scheduling for military personnel helps the chain’s employees serve their country and their customers.

By Erin Rigik, Associate Editor.

Rutter’s Farm Stores’ Joel Workinger, a dairy transportation supervisor, and Todd Rutter, president of Rutter’s Dairy, were recognized last month with the Army Reserve Employer Support Award.

Tom Rayburn, a delivery driver for Rutter’s Dairy nominated his employers for the award, designed by the Department of Defense to promote cooperation and understanding between service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from the employee’s military commitment. The award was presented at Rutter’s Dairy in York, Pa.

Rayburn has been employed with Rutter’s Farm Stores, which operates 58 convenience stores, for 13 years. He is a combat veteran currently serving in the Army Reserves after spending a year serving in Afghanistan in 2012.

“Serving our country is very important to Tom and he was very appreciative that Rutter’s gives him the flexibility to serve. This goes beyond his tour in Afghanistan. As a member of the Army Reserves you have to take one weekend each month to go and serve. And so for the better part of the 13 years, Tom’s supervisor, Joel, would always make sure Tom had the right accommodations to go and make that happen,” said Derek Gaskins, chief customer officer for Rutter’s. “During that time Joel made sure that flexible scheduling held his spot for him, and it was something Tom felt touched by, so he nominated his supervisors for the award. We’re extremely proud to be recognized with such a meaningful award.”

Committed Service Members
This is not the first time Rutter’s has been recognized for its commitment to the country’s military personnel while they are employed at Rutter’s.
“At Rutter’s  Farm Stores, it is a core belief that we are obligated to support all of our nation’s service members—be it military, police, fireman, etc. We recognize the personal sacrifice they’re making for the country, and we want to make sure we’re there to support them,” said Gaskins, who noted Rutter’s employs a number of service men and woman.

Dennis Daugherty, the store manager at Rutter’s Farm Store in York, Pa. was recognized in March with the Patriotic Employer Award for his commitment to the Army Reserve. He was nominated for the honor by Rutter’s team member and Army National Guardswoman, Alicia Pope, for supporting her participation in the National Guard and Reserve Force.

“Her schedule was accommodated because she needed a flexible schedule to take off one weekend a month to participate in the National Guard, and our store manager was flexible with her because he knew she was taking part in the exercises for the National Guard,” said Alexandra Henry, communications manager for Rutter’s Farm Stores.

Gaskins said that while it feels great to be recognized with such an important honor as a chain, the credit really goes to the team members that selflessly risk their lives to support the country.

“We want to be a  great place to work and an employer of choice, and we recognize that being flexible and supporting team members and the work they do for our country is the best way to do that,” he said.


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