Beverage Carbonation Solution

V-Jet-PhotoXylem Inc., a provider of global water technology, has launched the Flojet brand V-Jet series rotary vane pump heads for beverage carbonation. The V-Jet series low flow, high pressure positive displacement rotary vane pump heads were developed for applications including beverage carbonation, water dispensing, water boosting, espresso or coffee machine operations and coolant recirculation systems. Engineered to minimize downtime as a result of common errors, the product line exceeds industry standard dry run and blocked outlet tests, resulting in a product lifecycle that extends beyond typical rotary vane pumps. Flojet’s patented vane venting system replaces traditional technologies, enabling high-pressure carbonation when needed but reducing product wear when the supply feed is interrupted. This system ensures the product will continue to deliver hot or carbonated beverages to customers consistently.

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