7-Eleven Launches Summer Slurpee Days

Features 49-cent drinks on Memorial Day weekend.

Although the first official day of summer isn’t until June 21, 7-Eleven is kicking off the Slurpee season when most people arguably go into summertime mode— Memorial Day weekend.

The convenience retailer’s #Awesummer Summer Slurpee Days officially begins Memorial Day weekend—with a 49-cent medium-size Slurpee drink deal that is available at participating 7-Eleven stores Friday through Monday, May 24-27, during which any medium Slurpee drink will be just 49 cents.

Actress Ashley Benson of ABC’s hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars” and surprise indie box office hit “Spring Breakers,” appeared at a Los Angeles 7-Eleven store to take the ceremonial first summer Slurpee sip.

After that inaugural slurp, Benson set her cup down on a machine that precipitated a chain reaction ultimately raising a colorful banner officially opening the 2013 Slurpee Season.

The Slurpee flavor Benson chose for her inaugural sip? The new Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Sprite flavor was her pick. “I love Slurpees,” said Benson. “Slurpee Lite is so delicious and since it has fewer calories I can drink them more often. All summer long!”

Sweetened with Splenda (sucralose), an eight-fluid ounce serving of the Slurpee Lite Sprite drink contains only 20 calories and is caffeine-free. Introduced this month, the new low-calorie flavor is accompanied on the Slurpee machine by the new, refreshing—Fanta Oddball Orange flavor, oddball because of its kumquat flavor twist. All the featured summer flavors were created by The Coca-Cola Co. in coordination with its brands, Sprite and Fanta

Regular Slurpee Fanta Wild Cherry flavor has 70 calories per eight fluid ounces  (240ml), while Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Sprite flavor has 20 calories and eight grams of carbohydrates per eight fluid ounces (240ml).

“This is the first time 7-Eleven has celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a special offer on Slurpee all weekend long,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of brand innovation. “Memorial Day weekend is four days long at 7-Eleven and four days of flavors. So whether it’s trying our three new awesome summer, or ‘#Awesummer,’ flavors or grabbing an long-time favorite like Coca-Cola or Fanta Wild Cherry, everyone can celebrate summer’s first holiday with a 49-cent medium Slurpee drink.”

Those who haven’t downloaded 7-Eleven’s smartphone app (available via the App Store or Google Play) might want to do so to take advantage of #Awesummer mobile coupons for free and on value offers, treats and eats all summer long. Each week through Labor Day, exclusive coupons for goodies, like free Slurpee drinks and free Snickers Ice Cream Bars as well as other special offers, will appear on the 7-Eleven app.  The free products are available at participating stores, while supplies last.

To receive a link to download the 7-Eleven app, users with iPhone (iOS— and Android-powered phones can text APP to 711711. 7-Eleven fans can also receive twice-a-month text notifications of special offers by texting DEALS to 711711.

“We expect to offer more than 30 coupons for free merchandise plus lots of additional value offers on our most popular products,” Gordon said. “The app is free, so the return on investment is, shall we say, ‘#Awesummer.'”

Like last year, the retailer has chosen again to unveil all its summer Slurpee flavors in one fell swoop. Slurpee fans can mark their calendars so they can be first in line when each featured flavor hits 7-Eleven stores. In addition to popular everyday flavors, the Slurpee summer flavor line-up includes:

    May 18 – June 23:     Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Sprite flavor

                                            Slurpee Fanta Oddball Orange flavor

    June 24 – Sept. 3:      Slurpee Lite Sugar Free Fanta Mango Lemonade flavor

                                            Slurpee Fanta Strawberry Lemonshade flavor

Later this summer, 7-Eleven will reveal plans to celebrate 7-Eleven Day and the company’s 86th birthday.







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