Swedish Snus Counter Display

kretekKretek International Inc. is launching its Snus category program with a new 20-can retail trial display.  The display offers three authentic imported Swedish brands; Thunder, Offroad, and Oden’s Extreme in 20-portion cans.  The compact new unit holds five-can sleeves of shelf-stable Snus in Tobacco and Frosted styles, as well as 25 ‘take-one’ flyers to educate adult tobacco users about real Swedish Snus.  The suggested retail value of the shelf-stable unit is more than $90.  It is expected that Kretek promotional pricing will result in considerably greater consumer value.  Kretek is the exclusive importer of several authentic Swedish Snus brands with a variety of strengths, tastes, and price-points.  Kretek will be aggressively promoting to build out a multi-brand Snus category. In addition to the new trial merchandiser, Kretek Snus brands are sold in open stock sleeves of five-cans, in cases of 48 sleeves.  There are 12 strengths and flavors in all, including Wintergreen and Cola.  Kretek has a larger self-feeding display well as permanent acrylic merchandising systems in the works.

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