Dealing with the Transforming Tobacco Industry


R.J. Reynolds launches to help retailers get more active in tobacco legislation.

Convenience store retailers and tobacco wholesalers have long known about the impact of higher cigarette excise taxes. But as the industry changes, so do the risks of individual rights.

In addition to fighting higher cigarette taxes, retailers and wholesalers have a litany of issues they should be concerned about, including:
* Higher taxes on smokeless products
* Illicit trade of cigarettes
* Smoking bans
* Bans on vapor products
* Youth tobacco sales and possession
* Tobacco harm reduction

transformtobaccoTo help tobacco retailers, wholesales and tobacco consumers learn more about these important issues and how to get involved in the legislative process so their voices can be hear, R.J. Reynolds is sponsoring, an interactive Website filled with information detailing how people can get more involved in the issues that are affecting their businesses.

Among the highlights found on are an interactive map that breaks down issues facing the tobacco industry on a local and national level, a take action toolkit that walks Website visitors through the process of contacting elected officials, the impact of increased tobacco taxation and a comprehensive youth tobacco prevention toolkit that outlines the crucial point of responsible tobacco retailing.

“Building a relationship with elected officials and speaking out on tobacco-related public policy issues that impact your business can and does make a difference,” the Website urges. “Make your voice heard today.”

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