MACS’ Circle K Rollout Nears Completion

Mid-Atlantic Convenience Stores is nearing completion of a rebranding announced last summer, where its company operated stores will be unified under the Circle K banner.

The company is in the midst of  a grand-opening celebration for the newly named stores, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported. The celebration began Friday and is expected to last a few weeks with an array of promotions.

Derek Gaskins, senior vice president of marketing at MACS, noted that all but 10 of the 71 company-owned stores in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia have already been converted to Circle K.

It has taken months to get the name changes done because “the signs on the outside of the stores are the last thing that goes up,” Gaskins told the Richmond Times Dispatch. “Before we change the sign,” he said, “we’re going to change the level of service in the stores, the expectations of customers, the offerings.”

MACS’ agreement with Couche-Tard makes the company the exclusive brand developer for Circle K in the three states and the District of Columbia.

In addition to the 71 MACS company-operated stores that have changed, or will change, to Circle K, MACS supplies fuel for the pumps at an additional 230 independently owned stores. “We would love for them to become part of the Circle K family. We’ll have to see how that works out,” Gaskins said.

For more on the MACS conversion to Circle K, check out the story that ran in CSD after the announcement here


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