Bean Street Coffee Debuts Whipped Topping

Mytop Whip Topping Machine expands coffee customization options.

The Pantry Inc.’s Kangaroo Express convenience stores are introducing whipped topping to its Bean Street Coffee customization options, at no costs to its guests.

Since Kangaroo Express introduced its new and improved Bean Street Coffee, guests have been invited to build their own brew at the Roo with a wide variety of customization options, such as an assortment of coffee blends, creamer flavors and extra boosts of caffeine. With the addition of the Mytop Whip Topping machine by Rich Products Corp., Kangaroo Express gives its guests the chance to top off their Bean Street Coffee creations with a dollop of whipped topping.

“Our guests have come to expect fresh, great tasting coffee and customization options at the Roo as they enjoy a break out of their busy days,” said Wayne Cox, senior category manager, Kangaroo Express. “Now, as the first convenience store to offer whipped topping with the Mytop machine at a large-scale level, the Roo invites its guests to add on to their special treat at no additional cost. This is an example of how Bean Street Coffee will continue to offer new and innovative accompaniments.”

The whipped topping is currently available free of charge with a beverage purchase to guests in more than 900 Kangaroo Express stores and is located on the Bean Street Coffee bar.




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