Steps to Success in Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Dannon Foodservice and YoCream University help operators succeed.

Whether operators plan to open a frozen yogurt shop, need expert advice to help take their stores to the next level, or want to connect with people who can help grow their businesses, YoCream University may be their first step to success.

 YoCream, a brand of Dannon Foodservice and a world leader in the manufacturing of frozen yogurt for the foodservice industry, can help to guide existing and prospective operators through the most important points of building out and running a successful shop at YoCream University, or Yo U, an informational two-day training program hosted by industry experts and operators of YoCream’s flagship store.

“The frozen yogurt industry has seen amazing growth in recent years and more and more people are interested in getting into the business, but it’s not just about getting in on it—it is about differentiating your business and pulling away from your competitors,” said Eric Jeanette, director of product innovation, Dannon Foodservice.

YoCream University holds 12-15 conferences per year and has been running the program since 2009. It includes a “Yogurt 101” seminar, a round table where operators will hear valuable testimonials from YoCream University alumni, and a session on learning how to assemble and clean a frozen yogurt machine. Other topics to be covered include:

 • YoCream International, Inc.

• Products and Flavors

• Store Concept Development

• Financial Planning

• Equipment

• Food Safety

• Day-to-Day Operations

• Marketing

• Soft and Grand Opening Support

• Hiring and Human Resources

• Project Management

• POS Systems

• Working with Distributors

• Social Media

• And More!

Attendees also receive exclusive offers with substantial savings from vendors, and can connect with storeowners and create a valuable partnership with YoCream.

YoCream University will also be rolling out a graduate program where alumni can access YoRewards, a portal where operators can download merchandising materials for their stores. Yo U alumni will be able to take their businesses to the next level by sharing business ideas and strategies with other operators.

Those who are interested in owning a frozen yogurt shop can register now to reserve a spot in Portland, Oregon or Orlando, Florida. For more information on fees, lodging and conference information, visit, contact or call 503-416-7949.






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