EZ Energy Supports Community To End

EZ Energy continues its support of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund with a $30,000 donation.

In the final hours before EZ Energy’s sale, the management team remained true to its core values of supporting their communities with a significant charitable contribution.

“Even as we prepare to sell substantially all our assets and we transition to new opportunities, we as a team remain very committed to supporting and providing opportunity in the communities in which we operate” said Damon Cranford, vice president of operations and marketing.

EZ Energy continued its support of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund with a $30,000 donation this week. HCEF is a local Allegheny county charity supporting youth in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. HCEF’s mission is to provide advocacy, community engagement and direct service programs that support the education of children and youth experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County.

“What better way to contribute to our communities than to help ensure all children grow up with the educational opportunities to be successful citizens positioned to contribute positively to the community themselves?  HCEF is has been a valued partner and we are extremely happy to once again support such a worthy organization” said Gregg Budoi, president & CEO of EZ Energy.

“This grant will allow HCEF to continue operating their Haunted House, Hundred Acres Manor, which in turn raises additional funds that support the HCEF mission” said Frank White, EZ Energy’s director of marketing.

EZ Energy’s support of HCEF over the last two years has resulted in more than $110,000 for the local charity. EZ Energy owns and operates 69 locations and 22 dealers in NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. BP’s Fueling Communities program supports EZ Energy and many other jobbers in their charitable contributions.




  1. Good people, hate to see them go

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