BP ampm Exits Eastern U.S.

BP to focus on its ampm business in the western U.S.

BP plans to withdraw the ampm brand from the eastern U.S., including in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Orlando by the end of 2012.

There are more than 9,500 BP branded fuel outlets in the eastern U.S, of which approximately 200 have ampm convenience stores.

“This is a strategic decision to focus on the ampm business in the western U.S., where ampm has over 900 locations and 30+ years of history alongside ARCO branded fuel locations,” Scott Dean, BP spokesperson told CSD.

Dean noted the decision is in support of establishing a long-term ampm relationship with Tesoro Corp., the buyer of BP’s Carson, Calif. refinery and associated ARCO retail network in the Southwest.

Earlier this month, BP reached an agreement to sell its Carson, Calif., refinery and related logistics and marketing assets to the Tesoro Corp. for $2.5 billion in cash. The full story on that deal is available here.

BP expects ampm to remain a strong brand in the western U.S. “We expect ARCO and ampm will continue to be strong brands with material presence,” noted Dean.

BP will sell and exclusively license from the buyer (Tesoro) of the ARCO retail brand rights for Northern California, Oregon and Washington and continue to produce transportation fuels at its Cherry Point, Wash. refinery. BP will also retain ownership of the ampm convenience store brand and franchise it to Tesoro for use in the Southwest.

BP noted it also will continue to comply with its obligations to its dealers and franchisees in the Southwest business until an orderly transition of those obligations to the new buyer is completed.


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