Quick Chek Supports And Aids The IAVA

Quick Chek surpasses its goals in its fundraising efforts to give back to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

Quick Chek ended its fundraising campaign with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) with a total donation of $71,762, easily surpassing the company’s $50,000 goal.

The in-store fundraiser launched Memorial Day weekend where customers could make $1 donations to IAVA, the nation’s first and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit organization representing veterans from both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Customers who donated received dog tags, which were hung and displayed in each store to support some of America’s bravest men and women.

Quick Chek Vice President of Marketing John Schaninger said the company felt honored and proud to be part of the cause.

“Banding together to give back to these soldiers in such large numbers is incredibly humbling and goes to show how far one dollar can go,” Schaninger said.

Quick Chek runs more than 125 retail locations in New Jersey and Southern New York.


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