VP Offers C-Stores A New Branding Program

VP Racing Fuels is in the process of creating alternative branding solutions for the retail industry.

VP hired both Bryan Noonen and Matt Schuster to be regional mangers of branded wholesale business development because of their background on branding. VP expects to leverage the valuable industry expertise Noonen and Schuster acquired at past companies to expand VP’s credit card processing and c-store business.

“I’m excited about the opportunity VP Racing Fuels is presenting tot he industry and the way it’s going about it,” Schuster said. “I’ve spoken to many customers who have been frustrated by other brand programs that were confusing and didn’t measure up to expectations.”

VP Racing Fuels is one of the newest fuel brands in the U.S. It offers c-store owners and fuel distributors a flexible and transparent branded program to focus on lowering expenses and providing additional revenue streams.

“Our new branding program isn’t about just blindly following the industry standard by generating revenue solely for our company,” Noonen said. “VP’s branded program was designed to help the c-store owner. Our program focuses on eliminating high fuel cost and offers deep savings on credit card processing with a Visa and MasterCard deal at Interchange plus $0.015.”

Schuster and Noonen said VP’s new program gives opportunities for dealers and fuel distributors alike.

For More Information About VP’s Branding Program:
Bryan Noonen: 210-289-6000, bryan.noonen@vpracingfuels.com
Matt Schuster: 210-784-6708, matt.schuster@vpracingfuels.com


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