Wayne Releases Futuristic Fuel Dispenser

Wayne launches the sale of its new Wayne Helix fuel dispenser to c-stores and gas stations later this year.

Wayne, a GE Energy Business and global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, announced the launch of the new Wayne Helix fuel dispenser line.

The new dispensers are intelligently designed and technologically advanced compared to typical fuel dispensers, thanks to the research of Wayne and IDEO, the design and innovation consultancy.

“Wayne and IDEO went to great lengths to ensure we understood the needs of everyone from the large oil companies and manufacturing plants to the small family-owned stations and drivers,” said Wayne Global President Neil Thomas. 

Thomas said the Wayne and IDEO teams talked with customers and station owners in nine countries to gather user preferences and knowledge regarding fuel dispensers to create the Wayne Helix line. Some of the insights included the following:

  • There is increased need for at-the-dispenser transaction security
  • Users are more comfortable with advanced technology and want a consistent interface
  • There is need for strong retail branding on the pump
  • There is a need for separation of the dispenser’s “clean” and “dirty” areas when dispensing fuel to protect the equipment and maintain its appearance

The new fuel dispenser meets regulatory standards of 145 countries, all on the single global platform. The new dispenser is fully compliant with global EMV-ready security standards, and includes all of Wayne’s innovative technology features such as the reliable Wayne iMeter fuel meter. 

Wayne and IDEO have worked on projects together for more than a decade ago when the companies were working on the Wayne Ovation fuel dispenser. In 2009, the companies began to collaborate on “Project Helix.”

The Wayne Helix dispenser will be on display in October at the NACS Show in Las Vegas. Wayne will accept Helix fuel dispenser orders in late 2012.



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