Well-Fashioned Disposable E-Cigs

Kretek International Inc. announced the introduction of EZ Cig disposable electronic cigarettes. EZ Cig brand is available in 12 smooth, fresh flavors including Double Apple, Java, Peach and Wild Berry in addition to Tobacco and Menthol. Each stick, packaged in its own carrying tube to keep the product clean, delivers 600 puffs with 2.1% nicotine. The sticks are powered by SuperLast Lithium-Ion battery with a safety shutoff. The e-cigs also feature original fashion patterns on each stick to match the flavor.

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  1. EZ Cig Rocks!!

  2. it feels harsh!

  3. I’m loving it. Using it as a substitute while my e-cig is getting fixed. The watermelon is so yummy!

  4. Does the tip stop lighting up when its out? I’ve had this ez cig for a while and can’t remember how many times i puffed..

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