Cenex, Cabela’s Launch $10,000 Summer Gas Giveaway

One lucky winner each day to receive a $100 Cenex Gift Card.

The Cenex and Cabela’s brands have teamed up to launch a $10,000 Summer Gas Giveaway.

Every Cabela’s CLUB Visa cardholder that shops at Cenex convenience stores from June 1 through Sept. 8, 2012, will be automatically entered to win free fuel.

“We’re giving away $10,000 in free fuel this summer to show our appreciation for outdoor enthusiasts who are loyal to Cabela’s and who choose to make Cenex c-stores a part of their summer travel plans and daily routine,” said Kayte Haaland, CHS refined fuels brand marketing manager. “One winner will be selected every day to receive a $100 Cenex Gift Card—that’s a total of 100 winners and $10,000 in free fuel!”

The partner companies are actively promoting the program to consumers through emails and mailings to Cabela’s CLUB members, as well as in-store displays at Cabela’s stores. In addition, CHS is providing complimentary merchandising kits and local store marketing tools to Cenex retailers. As a result, Cenex marketers are profiting from a free promotion to a loyalty club of 2.4 million members. “This is a prime example of the kind of innovative traffic-builders available to retailers who join the Cenex family,” said Haaland.

The loyalty partnership between CHS and Cabela’s has succeeded in building business for Cenex marketers and earning customers who shop at Cenex convenience stores over 1.4 million additional reward points. “Cabela’s® CLUB Visa transactions at Cenex locations have increased by 80%, resulting in new sales for Cenex marketers,” noted Haaland. “Our retail network continues to benefit from the good synergy between our Cenex brand and the Cabela’s brand.”

Under an exclusive partnership, Cenex is the only petroleum brand that can offer its customers double Cabela’s CLUB points—redeemable for free Cabela’s gear—and a co-branded Cabela’s CLUB Cenex Visa Card.

CHS Inc. is a cooperative, owned by farmers, ranchers and co-ops across the U.S. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products.




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