CEFCO, BeBevCo Partner

CEFCO to carry Koma Unwind in 257 stores in seven states across the Southern U.S.

CEFCO Convenience stores is set to carry Koma Unwind regular and sugar-free relaxation drinks in over 250 stores across the southern U.S.

Koma Unwind is made by Bebida Beverage Co. (BeBevCo) a developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation and energy drinks and supplements.

“This is the largest retail partner we have announced to date. It is our objective to cover the entire U.S. with our products. While we have made tremendous progress over the last few months in the northeastern portion of the country, this particular deal gets our products into over 250 stores in the southern U.S.,” said Brian Weber, CEO of BeBevCo. “Distributor by distributor, chain by chain and store by store we will achieve our objective. These type additions yield big dividends for our company on the bottom line all while giving the customers what they want and need,” Weber added.

“Progressive and forward thinking chains stores like CEFCO are true trend setters and are determining the pace in which consumers around the U.S. and world get the opportunity to have a liquid solution to their stress, anxiety and sleep issues,” said Daisy Ramirez, chief operating officer of BeBevCo.

CEFCO Stores is an independently-owned chain of convenience stores based in Temple, Texas. There are 257 locations across Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.




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