Fas Mart Awards Customer $10,000

The Sip, Scratch & Win promotion runs through July 31 at all Fas Mart and Shore Stop stores.

From left: Chris Giacabone (COO), Bill Reilly (Sr. VP of Marketing), John Graham (prize winner) and Arie Kotler (CEO)

A lucky Fas Mart customer received a $10,000 check at the Montpelier Virginia Fas Mart Store for winning one of two $10,000 grand prizes in the Sip, Scratch & Win Instant Win Game taking place in all stores.

The second $10,000 grand prize is yet to be won.

The lucky winner is 65 year-old John Graham, a regular Fas Mart customer who lives in Rhoadesville, Va., west of Fredericksburg. Graham received the winning ticket on his second visit to the Montpelier store on the same day. He first stopped in that morning to purchase a two-piece chicken meal on his way to a local Virginia Hospital. After several hours at the hospital, he and his wife returned to the store to purchase two cups of coffee. They were handed two scratch and win tickets. After scratching off his wife’s ticket that had no prize, he then scratched off his own ticket to reveal the $10,000 grand prize. 

Both Graham and his wife indicated that the prize money could not have come at a better time. They had recently given $10,000 to a family member who had been in a terrible accident.

“After hearing their story, I was even more excited that Graham and his wife had won the cash prize,” said Arie Kotler, CEO of GPM Investments, which operates both the Fas Mart and Shore Stop convenience store chains. “We are grateful for their loyalty to Fas Mart.” Kotler added, “There is nothing more satisfying than giving out prizes like this to our valued customers. It is a great way to thank all our customers for their ongoing commitment to our brand.”

The Sip, Scratch & Win promotion runs through July 31 at all Fas Mart and Shore Stop stores. Customers who purchase a coffee or fountain drink automatically receive a scratch and win card. Additional instant win prizes include free amusement park tickets, free lottery tickets, free cups of coffee, free 20-ounce Pepsi Next or Dr Pepper 10 beverages in addition to discounts on Valero gasoline.

GPM Investments LLC is headquartered in Richmond, Va. and operates 213 convenience stores and supplies over 115 independent dealers in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Tennessee.



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