Stripes Convenience Stores Adds Xenergy Drinks

Four flavors of the sugar-free, zero calorie energy drinks to hit store shelves in south Texas.

Stripes Convenience Stores and XYIENCE Xenergy have partnered, giving the energy drink a greater presence in south Texas and adding to Stripes’ energy assortment.

Stripes plans to carry up to four flavors of the sugar-free, zero calorie energy drinks, which includes Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Fruit Punch and Frostberry Blast.

Prior to the agreement, the award-winning and official energy drink of the UFC had shelf space in less than 40 Stripes stores in the region. Now the energy drink will have potential access to 537 of Stripes stores in the area. Stripes also operates stores in Oklahoma and New Mexico and this agreement brings Xenergy to select locations in those states.

“Stripes is a leader in convenience store retailing in the region, so their increased commitment to our brand is a significant milestone for XYIENCE in this region,” said Reuben Rios, XYIENCE vice president of U.S. sales.  “Stripes is an important retail partner who has enabled XYIENCE to further our brand loyalty in the region.”



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