QuikTrip Expands In Kansas City

New Generation 3 stores focus on an upscale experience, fresh food.

QuikTrip  is set to debut an additional four next-generation store locations in the Kansas City, Mo. market by the end of 2012, the Kansas City Business Journal reported.

That’s up from the estimated three next-generation stores the c-store chain predicted opening in the area in 2012, during an April 2011 announcement.

Already a Shawnee store is scheduled to debut in mid-July, followed by a Merriam store in September or October. Plus, another Independence store is planned to open in October, and an Overland Park store is set to open in September or October, QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh told the Kansas City Business Journal.

That’s in addition to a relocated store that opened in Kansas City earlier this month.

Some of QuikTrip’s Missouri stores are close to the Kansas border. “As long as they keep their adult beverage laws, we’ll just build in Missouri,” Thornbrugh said, adding QuikTrip thinks it’s a matter of time before Kansas changes its liquor laws.

The “Generation 3” stores offer a more upscale experience on par with coffee shops such as Starbucks, feature 5,700 square feet and are focused on fresh-food.  





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