Jiffy Mart Completes Remodel in Finksburg

New décor, energy efficient lighting and upgraded restrooms greet customers at the newly revamped Finksburg, Md. Jiffy Mart.

As part of the Gateway Improvement Program, and commitment to improve customers shopping experience, Jiffy Mart has remodeled its Finksburg, Md. location.

The revamped interior offers a brighter store design with new décor, new ceiling, energy efficient LED lighting throughout and an upgraded restroom, including hands free amenities.  The store also now features a newly expanded hot beverage center, hot food island, cold beverage center and Anytime Café.

The hot beverage center highlights the chain’s new coffee program with a coffee condiment area plus expanded cappuccino offerings.  In addition to the traditional roller grill program, the hot food island has been enlarged to hold a wider variety of hot sandwiches, tornado grill, condiments as well as a microwave for customers to make heat and eat items.  The cold beverage center now includes f’Real Milkshakes & Smoothies, Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, ICEE frozen carbonated drinks and traditional fountain carbonated drinks.  The Anytime Café offers a selection of made to order sandwiches, subs, pizza, soups, breakfast items and sides including items such as hash browns and French fries.

Partnering with Carroll County Economic Development, Jiffy Mart also remodeled the exterior of the building, and later this spring will resurface the parking lot and enhance the landscaping around the property.

“That the Gateway Improvement program was designed to foster economic development in the Finksburg area and Jiffy Mart is the second business to take advantage of the program,” said County Commissioner Doug Howard.  “I encourage all business owners in Finksburg to contact Carroll County Economic Development and look into participating in this program.”

“The Gateway project of Carroll County, Maryland was established to encourage eligible property owners to visually enhance their properties. Our store is the last stop before leaving the county and the first stop coming into the county along the Route 140 Highway, so we thought this was a great fit for us” said Dwayne Cover, Jiffy Mart business manager.

The canopy was completely removed and replaced and towers were added to each side.  The block was stained closer to a brick color and all the exterior lighting was replaced with energy efficient LED lighting.  “This was our oldest facility and did not look like our other stores,” said Tom Moser, Jiffy Mart general manager.  “We are pleased the exterior now looks like a Jiffy Mart, yet still has its own unique look, EGI did a great job in helping us put our vision into a plan.”

“At EGI we’ve taken great pride, over the past 29 years, in working with our clients to help them achieve their vision for the future of their business. It was especially gratifying to have the opportunity to work with Tom and the entire Jiffy Mart Team,” said Justin Wenrich, vice president, exhibits/graphics/interiors.  “They understand the importance of image, presentation, quality, and convenience for their customers. As a result they are committed, focused, and driven toward excellence to ensure a great customer experience.”

Jiffy Mart will continue to renovate all of its locations. The next project is an interior upgrade to its location in Hampstead.

Jiffy Mart, a division of Tevis Oil, currently operates four stores in Carroll County, Md.



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