ALON Offers Date Night at Your Local Convenience Store

Winners arrive in a limousine to feast on roller grill items, and also get an all-expenses paid trip to a big city of their choice.

More than 850 ALON convenience stores, located throughout Texas and New Mexico, have a new twist on an old (but still great) idea–Date Night.

By simply texting “DATE” to the 444222 short code, some lucky couple can have an all-expenses paid date at the ALON convenience store of their choice.

This incredible experience includes the crème de la crème of convenience store cuisine. Hot dogs, soda, chips and candy are just a small part of a date night that will not soon be forgotten. The winners will arrive and depart the c-store in style—via a limousine—as part of the deal.

As if this experience was not enough to rate two pages in the Dreamy Dates scrapbook, ALON is also tossing in an all-expenses paid trip to a big city chosen by the couple. Sure, a trip to Vegas or New Orleans is not as cool as date night at your local c-store, but most cities have some kind of convenience store, so it’s not a total loss.

As a part of this once-in-a-lifetime contest, ALON is introducing a new superfan, Phil. As an expert on interpersonal relationships and heavy machinery, Phil has invaluable dating tips for couples, and even the lovelorn. For example, when visiting a convenience store to make critical purchases, Phil advises, “It can be tempting, but don’t overdo it on sweets too soon in the evening. Hello sugar crash!”

The opportunity to Win a Date Night at ALON convenience stores will continue through March 1, 2012. In addition to entering via text messaging, contestants can register to win at






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