Boyer’s Food Market and Holiday Stationstores Select Revionics

“We are extremely pleased with the ROI and increased gross margin we have obtained from Revionics’ system,” says Holiday spokesperson.

Boyer’s Food Market Inc., which operates 17 full service supermarket locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and Holiday Stationstores, with over 450 corporately-owned and franchise stores, have both renewed their service agreements with Revionics.

Boyer’s cited the positive impact the Revionics’ solution has had on its business, including helping increase profits and improving customer loyalty. Boyer’s has been a Revionics customer for more than three years and the renewal agreement is for the Revionics Price Optimization solution, which Boyer’s will continue to leverage throughout all their stores.

Boyer’s chose Revionics solutions to help them with the following objectives:

•            Improve the company’s price management strategies through shopper and competitive insights.

•            Ensure its team is making fact and science-based decisions around its pricing decisions through a solution that offers in-depth insights, transparency and usability. This will result in pricing products more accurately for optimal sales.

“We chose Revionics because their solution allows us to continually refine our pricing strategies ensuring we are current with market trends and shopper purchasing patterns,” said Anthony Gigliotti, vice president of merchandising and sales/advertising for Boyer’s Food Markets. “Revionics has proven to be the right partner for us – since leveraging their solution we have achieved an increase in profits and a stronger competitive advantage.”

“We are extremely pleased that Boyer’s has renewed their contract with us due to the results they have experienced by using our price optimization solutions. It is imperative to us that our customers are 100% satisfied with our solutions and continuously obtain a strong ROI while strengthening their market share,” stated Marc Hafner, Revioincs’ president and CEO.

Holiday Stationstores, renewed its service agreement with Revionics due to the benefits it has obtained by leveraging Revionics’ Life Cycle Price Optimization solutions. The renewal agreement includes Revionics Price Optimization, Revionics Promotion Optimization, and Revionics Markdown Optimization for full price life cycle planning and management.

Holiday implemented Revionics Price Optimization solutions in October of 2010 to achieve the following business objectives:

•            Gain a deeper understanding of Key Value Item (KVI) pricing along with leveraging margin enhancements of less sensitive items

•            Improve zone structure to take better advantage of competitive positioning

•            Make more fact and science-based pricing decisions and better align pricing with category strategy

•            Compare and analyze outcomes of different pricing strategies and allow for ‘what-if’ scenarios

To date, Holiday is very pleased with Revionics’ base price planning and optimization capabilities, which is improving their competitive position and is on track to achieve the gross profit margins predicted by using the solution. In addition, they are looking forward to increasing the utilization of the Revionics Promotion Optimization and Scenario Planning solutions. Holiday is also looking forward to the enhanced Tiered Pricing capability, which will help the company make decisions regarding how to most effectively price items with tiered prices. This will ensure that the best tiered pricing is recommended for optimal sales and profit.

“With a steep competitive landscape and a still fragile economy, there is no room for pricing errors; therefore, we needed to adopt a proven, science-based solution that allows us to develop pricing that is reflective of our strategy and provides optimal results,” stated Dean Solyntjes, director of pricing and business support for Holiday Stationstores. “We are extremely pleased with the ROI and increased gross margin we have obtained from Revionics’ system and we are looking forward to fully leveraging all the capabilities their pricing solutions have to offer.”

“Holiday has been leveraging Revionics to determine optimal prices and as a result they have seen an impact in gross margins. They have established a successful fact-based methodology and we are very excited to continue working with them to help grow their overall business,” said Marc Hafner, Revionics president and CEO.





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