1.   This is for 7-eleven in Evangelista, along Edsa Makati. I would like to complain 1 manager and 1 crew – named Alvin. I failed to get the manager’s name but if you could send me pictures, i can pinpoint the woman with a very unprofessional and rude attitude. Let’s first talk about the manager. All customers were buying Magnum that time. Long line. There were 2 lines, one being assisted by a crew and the other one by that illiterate manager (fat womaDisqusn, small around 5″ in height, gloomy face). My fiance was on the line also, he bought Magnum as well. 5 persons before my fiance, was a let’s say, a beggar-looked old guy with his, maybe, grand daughter. They did not buy Magnum, maybe their money was not enough. So they bought a cheaper ice cream,the one with a cone. I was not on the line, I was in front of the manager, observing. The beggar-looked old guy paid already. But he hadn’t gotten his ice cream yet. He asked, “Saan ba to?” – in English, “Where should i get your ice cream?” – He was talking with his granddaughter. Then the manager said sarcastically, “Sandali lng sir!” – in English, “Wait!!!” I just looked at the manager. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to give her another chance to make it up for the old guy. After 5 persons on the line, it’s my fiance’s turn. I cut off the transaction between my fiance and the manager and I said in a very nice way (if they have CCTV they can see how nice i was), “Hindi po ba dapat inuuna natin sya kasi bayad na sya eh…” – in English, “Isn’t it right to prioritize the old man since he paid for the ice cream already?” The manager shouted, “EH hindi kasi ako marunong ma’am!” I was shocked but I didn’t say a thing. I just looked at her. Until she finally asked the crew to give the old guy his ice cream. Then i went out of the store, I was so angry. I feel sorry and sad for the old guy who couldn’t buy Magnum and who’s “nagmukang tanga” in front of too many people. In other stores, we have senior citizen’s lane. In 7-eleven Evanglista, very rude to seniors! I can never forget that manager. I would like her to undergo training and she should not pass.

    • rosanna lalog says:

      good luck kung pansinin ka ng mga yan!!! pinapasin lang nila pag possitive ang comment mo… pag negative… ewan

  2.   Now, it’s the crew’s turn. Last night, April 1, 2012, my fiance would like to buy Magnum again. Only 7-eleven has Magnum so, I was left with no choice, we had to go to my most hated store in Evangelista. Good thing that the manager was not there. That made me happy. I was busy checking the flavors of doughnut when this crew named ALVIN caught my attention. I heard he shouted, “EH ANO NGA?” That made me mad again. I looked at the customer. A woman, with her clothes i could say that she’s a vendor. She’s poor and she looked innocent. I heard the crew again, “WALA NGANG CHOCOLOATE, ANO NA LANG?!” I was not exaggerating, the crew was really rude. This makes me believe that the saying is true, “like manager like crew.” The vendor didn’t know what to say. Maybe she didn’t know what to choose. I saw her, she looked embarrassed. Lesson learned, I looked at the crew and hurriedly checked his name. Boom! Good job, it’s ALVIN. His ID was turned upside down so i didn’t get his full name. ALvin finally said, “cheese o vanilla?” Wow! First, the vendor asked for chocolate ice cream. If it’s not available, crew should have informed the vendor. What happened was the crew forced the vendor to choose between vanilla and cheese, when in fact, the vendor didn’t understand why she had to choose vanilla or cheeze when she asked for chocolate. She just took the ice cream and with a sad face, walked out of 7-eleven. I didn’t do anything, I just told my fiance in a loud voice, “Bibingo na talaga sakin tong 7-eleven na to eh. Lahat ng tao rude!” I looked at the crew and I talked to Alvin the way he talked to his vendor customer. I don’t have that rude attitude but because I witnessed how rude he was, I wanted him to feel how the vendor felt. Alvin should not be employed in any, ANY COMPANY that requires customer service skills.

    I noticed that in 7-eleven Evangelista, managers and crews are nice only to those people who dressed nicely. If you are poor, you are not welcome in 7-eleven Evangelista. This is the very first store I’ve seen so far that managers and crews are discriminating people. I feel really sorry and sad for those 2 customers who could only afford a 10-peso ice cream.

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