Wood Tip Cigars

New from Kretek International: Djarum natural leaf wood tipped cigars in five-packs and 25-count upright units. These new cigars are offered in four new clove blends including Classic, Vanilla, Cherry and Rum. Each blend carries a unique clove signature, smoothed by the imported natural leaf wrapper and a blend of mild tobaccos. Each wood tipped cigar is double sealed and protected in its own individual box. Djarum natural leaf wood tip cigars are sized and priced to compete with current tipped brands in smoke shops and convenience stores. The wood tip and imported natural leaf wrapper represent better quality to smokers of popular-priced cigars.
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  1. homelypillow says:

    I’ve tried the rum and cherry flavors and they are really good and smooth but I can’t find them anywhere. where could I find these other than online?

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