Superior Petroleum Co. and BP Sponsor Holy Family Dining Project

Change for change jars at local c-stores to help fund renovations.

In conjunction with BP’s Fueling Communities Program, Superior Petroleum Company is helping to build a new dining room in Holy Family Institute that will be beautiful and functional, and employ a local artist to create a mural that will transform a hallway into a showpiece that the Institute and its residents, staff, students and families can enjoy for years to come.

In the Pittsburgh community, Holy Family Institute offers a number of programs for children and families such as residential programs, in-home family counseling, substance abuse services, specialized mental health counseling, youth workforce development, parent-child literacy program, SNAP and energy assistance programs.

Superior is helping the organization remodel and beautify its dining room and hallway.  Superior’s hope is that the fundraiser will raise enough money to buy new tables and chairs and other necessary items to complete this transformation, and make the dining experience there pleasurable for everyone involved.

Residents in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas will see a donation-jug in over 100 gas station/convenience stores labeled “Change for Change.”  They will be in the “BP Fueland Stores,” and most Valero stores accompanied by a postcard that illustrates all of Holy Family Institute’s virtuous work.  Any money collected in these donation- jugs will go towards the dining room project at Holy Family Institute.  



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