Vote Roo

Kangaroo Express’ Roo mascot runs for office—awards fans with free coffee.

The Roo, the voice and mascot of Kangaroo Express Convenience Stores, is running for mayor of Charleston and Charlotte, N.C.

“The Roo believes every man, woman and child deserves a break in their day. A couple minutes to grab a tasty cup of coffee and a fresh donut, and not go broke doing it,” said the Roo.  “If you agree, text VOTE to 67777 to join the cause.”

Kangaroo Express is offering a free cup of coffee on Election Day (Nov. 8) to customers who vote for The Roo at, as well as those who text VOTE to the 67777. Voters will also receive deals like 49-cent Coffee Wednesdays and Free Coffee Fridays.

The campaign is part of the convenience retailer’s “Fresh Initiative,” an expansion of Kangaroo Express’ foodservice offerings in Charleston and Charlotte, which will now offer Bean Street coffee, fresh food, bakery items and all-beef hot dogs.




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