7-Eleven Spars With Huntington, N.Y.

While 7-Eleven wants a zoning law changed to accommodate its new store, Zoning Board officials insist the regulation is there for a reason.

7-Eleven is taking on Huntington, N.Y., as it fights for the right to build a new 2,600 square foot 7-Eleven in the town on 25A and Waterside.

Unfortunately zoning laws are getting in the way of the c-store giant’s plans, and residents, apprehensive of the traffic and other problems a c-store could bring, are not ready to see the zoning laws relaxed.

A Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Nov. 17 will address 7-Eleven’s request that Huntington change the current property zoning for the location in question to convenience market use. If the request is denied, 7-Eleven hopes a use variance relief will be granted for the 10-foot residence buffer, delivery truck parking space length, and minimum parking space requirements, The Patch Online reported.

On Oct. 7, 7-Eleven filed a lawsuit against the town of Huntington, claiming new regulations put in place by the town in June unfairly discriminate against convenience stores and will “prevent or hamper 7-Eleven from developing new stores within the town.”

Huntington Town Board members have vowed to fight against 7-Eleven’s push for new regulations, saying the regulations are intended to address documented quality of life issues presented by convenience stores, including traffic.




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