Heartland Releases State-Specific Durbin Statistics

Heartland Payment Systems shows average savings per merchant in states across the U.S. following Durbin.

Heartland Payment Systems, a national payments processor, has released the first state-specific data about the Durbin Amendment’s actual impact on business owners in specific states.

The data was gathered between Oct. 1-16, 2011, from across Heartland’s 250,000 merchant locations. The results show that for every $100,000 of Visa and MasterCard signature debit and credit card volume processed, the average savings per merchant across all states is $260.24.

The data shows that Washington, DC-retailers gained the most average savings at $333.94, while Montana merchants saw the least average savings at $127.87. Heartland pointed out that the difference in savings from state to state is due to the number of large and small banks in each area, as well as the ratio of credit to debit cards processed in each state. The results show the averages of actual credit versus debit and regulated versus non-regulated debit transactions for Heartland merchants, but do not include the impact of PIN debit volume.

“Merchants are wondering how the percentage of regulated versus non-regulated transactions in their states would impact their savings, and this data provides insight into exactly that,” said Bob Baldwin, Heartland’s president.

 Average savings per merchant by state: 


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