KSS Fuels Restructures Management Team

Revised structure accommodates expanded operations and broader suite of products and services.

KSS Fuels, provider of fuels pricing, site evaluation and network planning software, analytics and consulting services to the oil and gas, convenience store, grocery and retail industries, has restructured its management organization, following its recent acquisition of MPSI.

The newly structured management team led by Bob Stein, president and CEO, has reallocated group-wide resources to support the revised strategy and expanded offerings of the company and to continue to provide the same high levels of service to more customers in more countries.

As a result, KSS Fuels is now able to move forward as a global fuels pricing, network planning and data analytics technology provider and to begin delivering new products and services to its customers.

“I am delighted with the progress we’ve made and very confident that the company is now structured to deliver on its strategy. We have a hugely talented team of people across the organization and a rich legacy of delivering high value services to customers in over 80 countries to draw upon. We are now poised to take KSS Fuels into a new chapter in its history,” said Stein.  

Key changes to the management team include the following:

• Ray Corcoran will take on the role of senior vice president (SVP) global professional services, to oversee the implementation of the company’s products and services as well as to ensure that customers are deriving maximum on-going value, post-implementation. Ray will also oversee the development function of the company in his new role.

• David McCaffrey, SVP Research, will be responsible for the direction and delivery of the scientific technologies underpinning the company’s products and services.

• Ian Thompson and Bryan Porto will lead the sales teams as SVP Sales for U.S.-Europe and Rest of World respectively. Each will be responsible for delivering on the commercial strategy and the day-to-day management of the sales teams.

• Gail Hay will be responsible for managing the company’s resources and office infrastructure as the SVP human resources and central services.

• Mark Hawtin will help drive company strategy and provide direction to its business development and marketing activities as the SVP business development, strategy and marketing.

• Brad Ormsby, chief financial officer, will be responsible for overseeing the financial activities of KSS Fuels.

• Axel Kirstetter joins KSS Fuels in the new role of product strategist. Responsible for identifying and delivering overall product and market strategy, Axel will set the direction for the existing products as well as determining new product/service offerings and new markets that will drive the growth of the company into new sectors.





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