MotoMart Challenges City Ban

One Wisconsin MotoMart store aims to change city regulations on alcohol sales.

MotoMart is challenging alcohol laws in Neenah, Wis., that prohibit retailers that sell fuel from also offering customers alcohol, the PostCrescent Online reported.

MotoMart argues that the current law is archaic, and that it puts the city’s convenience stores at a competitive disadvantage with other similar stores in neighboring communities.

The Neenah MotoMart plans to replace its current store, which dates from 1968, with a new $1.5 million store, provided the city repeals the ordinance, permitting them to sell alcohol. The Public Services and Safety Committee of Neenah were not swayed by this offer; the Common Council of Neenah will consider the offer on Aug. 3.

Graeme Rattray, a representative for MotoMart, said Neenah’s law was initiated to decrease the town’s alcohol-related problems, but said he feels the law is not serving its purpose. “MotoMart is not aware of any data indicating that alcohol-related problems in the city of Neenah have declined as a result of the city’s ban,” he said.

However, Kevin Wilkinson, a Neenah police chief, dismissed this argument. He said convenience stores in the town have been successful since the ordinance was enacted 25 years ago, and more convenience stores continue to open in Neenah regardless of the law.

MotoMart currently operates 75 stores in six U.S. states.


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