FuelQuest Expands ForeSite Product Line

“ForeSite SV allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of my fuel operations while ForeSite IC allows me to discover inventory variances immediately,” says fuel purchasing specialist for Hy-Vee.

FuelQuest Inc., an on-demand software and services company for the global downstream energy industry, is expanding its ForeSite product line with two real-time fuel management applications for fuel retailers and distributors. 

FuelQuest ForeSite SV (Supervisor View) identifies real-time inventory issues based on out-of-plan or changing site conditions. 

FuelQuest ForeSite IC (Inventory Control) enables early detection of theft, fraud, leakage, meter drift, cross-drop and user errors. Both are delivered globally in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

“ForeSite SV and IC represent a significant leap forward for the ForeSite product line,” said Joe Weber, fuel purchasing specialist at Hy-Vee and an early user of ForeSite.  “ForeSite SV allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of my fuel operations while ForeSite IC allows me to discover inventory variances immediately.  Both help me resolve issues proactively before they become expensive problems.  ForeSite now brings a whole new opportunity for monitoring our fuel management operations remotely on a mobile device.”

FuelQuest ForeSite SV provides real-time, independent visibility into fuel management operations, allowing companies to monitor and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their replenishment plans. 

ForeSite SV allows retailers and distributors to identify and address proactively unplanned events that disrupt operations, such as usage swings, inclement weather, and traffic changes avoiding run-outs and retains. Distributors gain the added benefit of differentiating their service by offering a private-label branded version of ForeSite SV to their vendor-managed inventory customers.

Key features of ForeSite SV include:

·   Real-Time Supervisory View – Accurate visibility into the performance of fuel replenishment operations

·   Operations Rules – Customizable rules for evaluating inventory status, projected usage, potential retain/run-out events and plan deviations.

·   Inventory Exceptions  – Early warning indicators of out of tolerance inventory conditions

·   Supervisor Drill Down – Inventory, order, delivery, and sales data captured via automated polling, scheduled import or manual entry

·   Customizable Branding – Private-label branding and configuration options for distributors

FuelQuest ForeSite IC enables retailers to identify and resolve issues with theft, fraud, leakage, delivery, dispensing equipment, and operational error.  ForeSite IC tracks, logs, calculates, and alerts automatically on inventory variances, discovering when inventory on hand does not reflect sales and deliveries that occurred during a time period. Inventory variances are calculated based on user-configurable rules for tolerances based on single-day, multi-day, and rolling averages.  By automating variance tracking, ForeSite IC provides early detection of costly problems reducing incidences of inventory loss and improving operational performance.

ForeSite IC includes the following key features:

·   Variance Rules – Customizable rules for calculating daily, weekly, and monthly variance across one or many sites

·   Reporting – Comprehensive reports covering inventory, sales, deliveries, and variance over a specified time period

·   Variance Exceptions – Early warning indicators of out of tolerance variance conditions and outdated inventory information

·   Variance Drill Down – Inventory, delivery, and sales data captured via automated polling, scheduled import or manual entry

Both ForeSite SV and IC are built on the ForeSite Platform, a flexible technology framework that enables rapid deployments, enterprise-level scalability and availability, enhanced security, open integration and mobile device access. 

ForeSite easily interfaces with FuelQuest Fuel Management System (FMS); third-party order management, back-office, and POS systems; and ERP applications.  All ForeSite products are fully internationalized and localizable.  ForeSite SV and IC have native support for English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, and double-byte languages Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic.

 “Fuel retailers and distributors are taking back control of their fuel operations to better manage fuel price volatility and decrease costs,” said Casey Zandbergen, FuelQuest vice president of strategic initiatives. “The new ForeSite products enable them to gain quick access to accurate and actionable information for improved decision making.”

ForeSite SV & IC are available now. 

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