Cure Hangovers, Cigarette Cravings

Three Lollies’ Smoking Sucks and Hangover Sucks are all-natural, drug-free solutions to easing nicotine cravings and the morning after blues. Like all of Three Lollies’ innovative lozenges, Smoking Sucks and Hangover Sucks are doctor developed and consumer approved. Smoking Sucks uses L-tryptophan, a naturally occurring amino acid believed to aid in curbing the need to smoke. Three Lollies has paired this with calming essential oils and sugars in a delicious lollipop, which helps to soothe nerves without nicotine. Smoking Sucks is also a safe substitution for cigarettes in order to get a handle on oral fixation and come in wintergreen, pineapple and cinnamon flavors that freshen breath. Hangover Sucks is composed of an essential blend of vitamins that revitalize the system and ease nausea, dry mouth and mild dehydration in ginger, raspberry and lime flavors.
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