Heated Zone Merchandiser

The new energy-efficient Hatco Heated Zone Merchandiser safely holds hot packaged foods in a smartly-designed display that attracts customers. Energy and costs are reduced by utilizing Hatco’s new Spot On technology— instant-on overhead elements that are off until a food product is placed on the shelf, compared to other heated merchandisers that stay on full power 100% of the time. Overhead heat is on only when product is present in that zone, and base heat goes from energy saving mode to thermostatically controlled. Additional features include an LCD control display for continuous zone monitoring and channel dividers held in place by a new magnetic system giving the unit more heated surface. The side glass is hinged to the post, and can be swung out for easy cleaning, while a magnetic catch holds them in place during standard use. The product is available in seven designer colors or in standard bold black.
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