Gas Pump Marketing

VeriFone Systems Inc. has introduced PAYMEDIA for its PCI 2.0-approved Secure PumpPAY solution for pay-at-the-pump. PAYMEDIA is designed to deliver an entertaining and engaging mix of content and advertising to enhance the customer’s experience at the gas pump while generating profits for convenience operators. VNET provides consumers with a blend of news, weather and lifestyle programming while also delivering targeted advertisements and promotions. VeriFone’s Media sales team will actively sell and market advertising to national ad buyers. Retrofit kits are available for virtually every dispenser type. PAYMEDIA ensures content only plays when a consumer is actively fueling at the dispenser. Petroleum retailers can use the program to promote their own products and services or generate additional revenue by selling advertisements to local businesses. Promotions can be created and scheduled through a Web-based media portal or the VeriFone Media team can work with gasoline retailers to create promotions.
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  1. Do they offer free ? since they make money from advertisement they pay any money monthly ?

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