EZ Trip To Offer Fresh Doughnuts

EZ Energy Partners with Aunt Mary Ann Donuts to provide improved fresh bakery offering to hungry customers.

EZ Energy USA Inc. has introduced a new freshly delivered bakery program. Doughnuts and other baked goods will now be delivered to its Easy Trip stores fresh every morning.

These items are expected to provide an improvement in quality over the chain’s current offering.

“The value achieved with these items will also be spectacular as we are improving the quality with little to no cost added to our customers. We would like to thank Aunt Mary Ann Donuts, based out of Canton, Ohio, for partnering with us in this endeavor,” the company said.

The program officially launched on June 6, 2011 at the chain’s Ohio locations and is set to roll out on  July 6, 2011 at its Pennsylvania locations.

EZ Energy USA Inc. is the owner and operator of convenience store brand Easy Trip stores in mid-Ohio, Cleveland and Pittsburgh markets.


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