Dual MixMaker Cups Hit 7-Eleven Stores

The 2011 Summer of Slurpee includes concerts, and flavor-mixing fun.

The 2011 Summer of Slurpee is shaping up to be a mash-up of cool cups, concoctions and concerts. Now, the MixMaker dual-chambered cup and valve straw lets Slurpee-drinkers enjoy their favorite frozen beverage like they never have before.

The refillable cup and straw combo, available only at 7-Eleven stores, has a suggested retail price of $4.99 and includes the first two-sided Slurpee straw.

Not only is 7-Eleven encouraging flavor-mixing, it’s mixing up the Slurpee summer season with its MixMaker Summer Concert Series. The second in the series features Girl Talk, aka Gregg Gillis, who has acquired a cult following and raves from Rolling Stone and Wired magazines.

Gillis brings his unique musical talents to the Granada Theater in Dallas June 23. The Cool Kids will open the show. Tickets for the concert are $7.11 and are on sale now at Granada’s Website (www.tickets.granadatheater.com) or at their box office on 3524 Greenville Ave. Slurpee Nation Rewards points also can be cashed in for free concert tickets at www.slurpee.com, while they last.

With their up-and-coming talent and bargain $7.11 prices, the Slurpee concerts are a hot ticket this summer. The Los Angeles concert featuring Jack’s Mannequin in May sold out in just 45 minutes. The concert series continues around the country with events through August. Each month, the upcoming concert city and headliner will be announced, and tickets will immediately go on sale.

While the dual-chambered Slurpee cup isn’t 7-Eleven’s first (the Splitz-O cup debuted in 1998), the technological advances of the MixMaker straw mark a new milestone for the iconic drink. The two-in-one straw dispenses each side of the cup’s Slurpee flavor separately or blended together just by adjusting the valve connecting the two straws into a single one.

Using the wide array of colors and flavors available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide, fans can mix and match to create a delicious cup of liquid art and then post pictures of their concoctions, along with a crazy name, on the Slurpee Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/Slurpee). Visitors to the page can vote on their favorite combos to be featured as the mix of the week while getting ideas for their next MixMaker Slurpee drink.

“7-Eleven is always looking for new ways to enhance the Slurpee experience,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven’s senior brand director. “For flavor purists who have a hard time deciding at the Slurpee machine or creative Slurp-ers who love to experiment with different flavors, the MixMaker is the perfect Slurpee solution.”




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